What's up? I'm Courtney! I'm a 26 year old, messy bun wearing, thrifting obsessed photographer based out of North Carolina! My favorite thing in the entire world though is to travel, especially to new places! But its not worth the trip if I can't photograph some madly in-love people there, so fly me anywhere and I'll capture your love story!

Hey there lovely,

About me

Friends are also sorta my thing, I love to chat and to get to know everyone that enters my life! I'm kinda a social butterfly, Soooo that means we are friends now, okay? My #1 goal is to make you feel super comfy+ cozy+your-Absolute-Self! So lets get coffee (or margaritas..... shhhhh they are my favorite) because I want to know all about you and the love of your life!

Now I've told you about my favorite part about photographing, but my favorite part about working with my couples is BECOMING YOUR FRIEND and providing an amazing client experience! I want to know about YOU, and who you really are! And for your wedding day if you need someone to help carry your dress, secretly diffuse wedding day situations, and be your secret extra bridesmaid (obviously without a dress, but ya know duties are important right?) If so, I'm your girl! 

My Approach.

I'm driven by those silly in-between moments that so many of us forget to remember. My favorite part about photographing couples is giving them silly (or sometimes sweet) prompts to invoke a REAL reaction and emotion! I like to describe it to people like this, "Imagine you're play fighting in your bedroom, maybe they're tickling you, maybe one of you break's out a nerf gun, but the whole entire time you're laughing and acting like children." I want to capture that side of your love, and that's why I choose to shoot so differently than many other photographers. It's about capturing your quirks, your laughter, and sometimes your tears. No matter what, I strive to capture your true authentic self!

I want to be more than just your photographer.

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