November 17th, 2017
This afternoon, I had the pleasure of capturing a very special moment between Haley and Luke. My best friend is officially engaged! After weeks of planning with Luke and our other best friend, Haley E., it was finally the day to execute the surprise!
 It was a beautiful day at Pilot Mountain and the park was almost empty. Haley was under the assumption that her and Haley E. were going to be having fall photos done, but she had no idea that Luke was going to drive 4.5 hours from South Carolina to surprise her for their anniversary! About fifteen minutes after I started shooting, Haley E. received a "phone call" that she had to walk away for, but in reality she was grabbing Luke to lead him to the other Haley. I then proceeded to asked her to turn around and stay very still so that I could take some long exposure shots, and when she turned around Luke was there on his knee.
It was such a beautiful engagement and I am so excited for Haley and Luke to be getting married! I am so grateful to have been a part of this magical day!

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